Trained instructors deliver the Prison SMART training in 16-18 hours organised in 2-3 hour sessions spread over 7-8 consecutive days.

The Prison SMART training produces results from the very first session. For the full benefit of the training, participants are expected to commit to attend all sessions. The training is given in group, with no maximum number of participants.

During the training, participants are instructed in a personal practice that can be used on a daily basis to further the benefits of the training. They can be supported through weekly follow-up sessions to reinforce the effects of the training. By combining the instructor led course with the daily personal practice and weekly follow-up sessions, the benefits are sustainable both while in prison and after they are released back into society.

The effective contribution of Prison SMART to a more humane detention climate depends on the participation of the greatest possible number of people who are directly or indirectly involved in the prison system. More specifically, the training of both personnel and detainees can create a strong synergetic effect.