In Norway Prison SMART has taken place in Ringerike Fengsel, Bredtveit Fengsel and Ullersmo Fengsel, reaching out to around 35 prisoners so far.


First Prison SMART course: 2002

Number of Prison SMART trainings: 4

Number of prisoners trained: 35

Number of staff trained: 5


Prisons where Prison SMART was held:

Ringerike Fengsel

Bredtveit Fengsel

Ullersmo Fengsel


CONTACT: Merete Johansen

[email protected]

+49 908 55 969


This period in prison has been one of the worst experiences of my life. I was very sad and depressed. I felt within me that my whole system was in prison. I found it very difficult to interact with the other inmates. But since I have been in this course with the Prison SMART I feel better. I feel within my soul that I am free. I have a better connection with the other inmates. So I want to say thank you to Prison SMART for coming into my life at a time where I needed it the most.

Female prisoner, 32 years.


It is a pity that I had to do 6 years of imprisonment before I was offered to attend this course. This course should definitely be part of the mandatory programs in prisons. Very very very good!

Male prisoner, 42 years


This course was a great experience for both soul and body. I am very thankful for this period and to the teachers for your social offer and your concern. Best of luck for further courses! I will certainly recommend it to other inmates.

Male prisoner, 54 years


This is a wonderful thing you cannot get with money.

Male prisoner, 38 years


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