60+ countries – 400,000 prisoners and staff

Prison SMART is an internationally renowned rehabilitation program that effectively transforms the mindsets, attitudes and behavior of offenders, thus aiming to break the cycle of violence in our societies at the root and reducing reoffending.

An Introduction to Prison SMART

The holistic program offers innovative and effective tools with multiple benefits, including reduced violence and aggression, improved physical and mental health, better relationships, reduced substance abuse, more positive outlook, better coping strategies, and a general improved sense of well-being.

Through advanced breathing techniques, physical exercise, knowledge and skills training, offenders become more aware of themselves, are able to let go of negative emotions, accumulated stress and destructive behaviour, and are empowered to take responsibility for their lives.

By calming the mind and reducing the impact of stress, anger, depression, violence, and dysfunctional behaviour are reduced. Offenders become more able and willing to strive for improvement and become more receptive to other forms of rehabilitation.

They are empowered while they are in prison and prepared with essential life skills for when they are released to handle stressful situations, live up to their highest potential and contribute in a positive way to society.



Our Results*

I am hopeful about my future 0%
I am relaxed0%
I feel able to cope with the challenges0%
I am better at controlling my temper0%

*Statistical evaluation (219 respondents) from HMP Thameside in the United Kingdom

Specific added value of the program includes:

  • Efficiency and deep transformational impact of techniques
  • Immediate experience
  • Sustainable with follow-up
  • Cost-effective
  • Widely accessible
  • Big groups
  • Empowering
  • Increased receptiveness to other programs

At a time when prison budgets in many countries are under pressure due to the financial crisis, Prison SMART offers an efficient alternative at a lower cost than many other therapies. 

Prison SMART serves the needs of all people involved, incarcerated or working in the criminal justice system: incarcerated adults, juveniles, and their families; ex-prisoners; victims of violence; correctional officers and law enforcement personnel and administrators.

A variation of the program is also offered to staff working in prison or probation in order to reduce stress, increase stress resilience, improve skills to deal with challenging situations and improve overall focus, health and job satisfaction.

 Supporting genuine rehabilitation, Prison SMART is believed to reduce recidivism rates.