The first program has started in 2010 in the prison of Fleury-Merogis in Paris, with young delinquents, and the second was in January 2012 in the penitentiary center of Le Réau in Seine et Marne. Since then, small groups of 9-10 participants have regularly participated in Prison SMART trainings in these two institutions. In 2015 the first Prison SMART training took place in Les Beaumettes in Marseille, with inmates who were serving prison sentences of twenty to thirty years and whose record was in the process of reexamination by the National Center of Evaluation (CNE).


First Prison SMART course: 2010

Number of Prison SMART trainings: 60

Number of prisoners trained: 600

Prisons where Prison SMART was held:

Prison of Fleury-Merogis in Paris

Centre Pénitentiaire de Réau

Les Beaumettes in Marseille


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Centre Pénitentiaire du Réau


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