Prison SMART Macedonia started in 2010 and has benefited around 200 male and female prisoners in Skopje and Štip.


First Prison SMART course: 2008

Number of Prison SMART trainings: 5

Number of prisoners trained: 200

Prisons where Prison SMART was held:



CONTACT: Goran Popovski

[email protected]

+ 389 070 410 505


“We would like more such workshops to be organised in the prison” (course participants)

During the Prison Smart course conducted in December 2011, the prisoners were so inspired they wanted to do something good and to feel useful. They got involved in the humanitarian action “Embrace for a gift” to make soft toys intended for ill children. With great love and attention they made the toys, opened their hearts and left messages for the children: ”
“Greetings and let God take care of you, be happy and safe”
“Love, good health and peace for everybody”
“All the best and have a carefree childhood”


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