In Croatia, Prison SMART has been conducted since 2002 in penitentiary institutions, juvenile prisons and among officials of the entire prison system. Prison SMART was first organised in Lepoglava Prison, the facility in the country with the highest security. The experiences of the inmates were so beneficial that Prison SMART was also introduced in Turopolje Juvenile Prison for offenders aged 15-21 yrs. These youth are imprisoned for serious criminal offences such as murder and attempted murder. They come from troubled social backgrounds, dysfunctional families, they have been victims of abuse, or adhere to a deranged set of social values inherited from the war. The latest facility where Prison SMART was introduced is Glina Prison. The Ministry of Justice has requested the Prison SMART team in Croatia to conduct trainings for its employees working in the prisons.


First Prison SMART course: 2002

Prisons where Prison SMART was held:

Lepoglava Prison

Turopolje Juvenile Prison

Glina Prison

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