In Bulgaria Prison SMART started in October 2006 with the explicit support of the Ministry of Justice. Since then 65 trainings have been organised, reaching all prisons of Bulgaria. In total more than 1000 prisoners and prison staff have undergone the training. A Slovenian research team conducted a study on the effectiveness of Prison SMART in Bulgaria.


First Prison SMART course: 2006

Number of Prison SMART trainings: 95

Number of prisoners trained: +1500

Prisons where Prison SMART was held:


CONTACT: Konstantin Dragov

[email protected]

+359 888 145139; +359 42 638880


Petr Vasilev, General Director, Incarceration and Punishment Department, Ministry of Justice (Cooperation Agreement)
D. Bongalov, Vice-Minister, Ministry of Justice
Katja Yanulova, Director Probation Service Stara Zagora
I. Karushkov, Director, Stara Zagora Prison
M. Petrova, Director Sliven Prison
R. Zhelyaskov, Director, Varna Prison
Bozhiya Ivanov, Chief Inspector, Plovdiv Prison
B. Zebenov, Director, Bobov Dol Prison


Letter of thanks of Prison SMART participants in Stara Zagora Prison

We thank you for:
Lighting a strong and imperishable fire in our hearts and souls and leaving a big memory filled with a lot of love and joy. You gifted us with the pleasant grace of a new life. Through your life force, loving goodness and deep wisdom … we feel more mature and of full value, ready for a more beautiful, peaceful and quiet life. We are so happy that we met here with you, we learned so many things, we got to know life and ourselves. … Let the world become a better place through this knowledge and let there spring everywhere a lot of love, joy, happiness and peace. We are with you forever.

We thank you from all our hearts for this unforgettable experience.

From all of us with great love

January 30, 2007
Stara Zagora Jail